Is There a Connection Between Covid-19 and 5G ?

Right now, there is a lot of talk about the link between COVID – 19 and 5G being just a conspiracy theory. I’m certainly in no position to make any judgement on it, but what I do know is that it has woken many more people up to the dangers of 5G – and that is really positive.

I’m not into conspiracy theories.

They just do my head in because so many are so dark. And, mostly I like to bury my head in as many good things as I possibly can. But before dismissing a connection between COVID-19 AND 5G as just another conspiracy theory, we should take a look at actual facts.

1. Fact

Wuhan City, China was where COVID -19 started. It is also one of the first cities in the world that has blanket 5G coverage.

Is there a connection between COVID-19 AND 5G?

2. Fact:

The USA, Italy, Spain and many parts of Europe have been the most affected countries by COVID-19. They also have a dense coverage of 5G.

Is there a connection between COVID-19 AND 5G?

3. Fact:

The Spanish Flu pandemic raging from January 1918 to December 1920 killed an estimated 50 million people. 500,000,000, one-third of the world’s population became infected!

Researchers have linked the Spanish Flu Pandemic to the introduction of Electricity and wireless communications.

Is there a connection between EMF radiation and viruses?

4. Fact:

The media are making statements about the link between COVID–19 and 5G calling it – unfounded – rubbish – groundless – and a conspiracy theory.

Now the question needs to be posed as to why they are bothering? They don’t usually comment on ‘conspiracy theories’? So what truth is really being hidden here?

That COVID-19 and 5G together is a conspiracy? Or is the way that 5G has been introduced globally without our permission, heralded with advertising which sings of benefits but omits the FACT that it injures our health, even putting our lives at risk – isn’t this a conspiracy to fool us? And make LOTS of money?

And to radiate the worlds populous without care or regard for their own ends. Can that be called a conspiracy? Or just plain immoral?

Yet they are saying that any connection between COVID-19 AND 5G is a conspiracy? If not, it is definitely a cover-up.

So as intelligent people we must ask:

  • ‘what exactly is the agenda here?’

  • ‘why are they denying the link between COVID – 19 and 5G which is totally out of character on their usual stance of ignoring conspiracy theories?’

  • ‘is it a smoke-screen diversion away from their plans to bath the whole planet in 5G – and of course make megabucks – and kill us off in the process – which will happen of course – whether intentional or not.’

  • ‘why are we all being treated like idiots?’ Because sure as hell, some of us are not!

5. Fact:

EMF radiation from any and all sources adversely affects us. It over-works our immune systems which detect it as an attack in exactly the same way it does with viruses and bacteria.

While our immune system is busy trying to eliminate something it can’t do anything about, it stops doing its job of eliminating the things it can and was intended to do something about – bacteria and viruses.

6. Fact:

A weakened immune system (and 5G does this supremely) is going to succumb more easily to the Coronavirus. All of us have weakened immune systems to some degree because of our EMF exposure, but 5G weakens even the strongest among us as we can see by the spread of COVID–19 in Wuhan City, China, Italy, Spain and all the places where 5G is prevalent.

7. Fact:

5G effectively jams our body so that it can’t communicate with itself. Without this internal communication, we don’t function. Coronavirus is just going to be the tip of the iceberg!

Just plain facts that we can’t deny there is a link between COVID–19 and 5G.

8. Fact:

We need to STOP 5G taking any further hold on our planet – causing any more disasters, disruptions, LOCKDOWNS – DEATH.

We need to say, ‘NO MORE’. ‘We’re WORTH MORE’.

So, Is there a connection between COVID-19 AND 5G? I say there definitely is. Is there a conspiracy? Something more sinister than the coverup of the dangers of 5g in the interest of profit? I haven’t a clue – that alone is bad enough for me.

After all is said and done, there’s no good getting all steamed up about things I can’t do anything about. I want to save my steam for things I can do something about – helping stop this 5G rollout – madness – and keeping people as safe as possible from 5G and the already high levels of EMF that 3G, 4G and all other electrical sources emit.

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The fact 🔰🔰🔰🔰

Wherever 5G technology is getting tested and implemented Coronavirus is attacked more. 5G Frequency is not good for humans and so the body try to fight back this.

That creates a virus which effects our body. Those who have the capability or immunity to fight it survive and others die. India and African countries will not get effect too much as if now because here not even 3G is working properly.

Future and our prediction

Soon a vaccine will come saying that it’s for preventing Coronavirus and that vacation will also inject a microchip into human body which will help the new world order to track all of us more precisely and accurately. This chip will eventually work as a 5G transmission tower itself. This will ultimately help to create the next revolution of Artificial intelligence and Robotics. This also create a situation that can make human existence with GOOD heath a great challenge.

Stay safe and well in these challenging times. With as much love and care Rehana Edison …

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