What will happen to Kerala and South India if the Mullaperiyar Dam breaks?

What will happen to Kerala and South India if the Mullaperiyar Dam breaks?

At the moment, Kerala is battling Storm of the century, for 3 months it's raining and last week situation went from bad to worse, for past two days, from worse to hell.

All 14 district is on Red alert ,All major and minor Dams is Either maxout or maxing out, shutters are forced to open ,adding billion liters of water on top of already flooded plains

If by chance,130 year old Mullaperiyar Dam broke, it will make the current disaster look like picnic This was made few years ago, doesn't take current super storm into consideration, still nothing what world seen so far.

As a immediate effect, Central districts will be submerged, most of the people will find it hard to survive ,the initial shock, the aftermath will be equally terrible. Kerala will break into two, mobile network, electricity, connectivity will be down ,at the moment Rescue operation is going on 24/7 , on priority basis ,Dam break would put addition pressure on already starched operation.

Cochin port, which is hub for internet, refinery will be under water ,Internet of South India will be hit ,IT hubs be shut down , Petroleum products will be expensive. Tamil Nadu which enjoyed irrigation and drinking water for 100 years will have to dig for new source, Chance of new dam will be out of questions for indefinite period. Karnataka, Telgus will review water sharing agreement, since TN Govt is indifferent to plight of others, they will take precautions to avoid fate of Kerala These are some of the effects.

Difficult to calculate lose of life, damage , even with well coordinated operation by Govt-People and Center, 100 plus people died within last 48 hours, Dam break would make current terror looks silly, think Hiroshima, think 100 times worse. Dam break happen when one crack is formed or water goes over the dam, according to GOK the water level went past the safety limits while GOT insist, the Dam can take in two more meters before the grand break. Chances of Dam break is less but this freak weather makes anything possible in record time. Thank god Mullaperiyar is safe and no problem for now and is definitely a problem for Kerala and TamilNadu but Kerala will suffer extreme.

If a dam breaks potentially will damage entire drainage system and may cause billion worth loss more than WTO towers and causes human loss greater than all Indo Pak wars and Gujarat earthquake.

Banqio Dam and other dams in Henan province, China caused more casualties than any other dam failure in history. The disaster killed an estimated 171,000 people and 11 million people lost their homes. But population density and catchment area of Mullaperiyar dam is much higher. So India especially Kerala and TamilNadu have to take care and review the dams strength again. Let's hope for the best.

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