May your mountains rise into and above the clouds

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I’m Rehana Edison certified Yoga, meditation and holistic healer, with more than 15 years’ experience, mountain lover.

Years ago I traded in my mountain lifestyle for a new and exciting opportunity on the other side of the country – and I wouldn’t change that decision for the world! But I must confess what I can’t shake…the mountains stole my heart. Here’s why:

The mountains are good for the soul

I have never in my life claimed to be an adventurer or outdoors lover – until I started hiking in the mountains. With the lovely, lush green forests and foothills, the tantalizing teal lakes hidden away like a secret prize waiting to be found, and those stunning sky-high jagged peaks, it was love at first sight.

They have healing powers

Call me crazy or cliche or what ever..but there is no denying it. Maybe it’s that dose of fresh mountain air, the exercise or the litres of water I drink when I’m hiking, but I swear to you that after a visit to the mountains I feel enormously better.

They serve as an opportunity for personal growth

Through challenging yourself, both physically and mentally, you grow. Through pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and getting out there, you flourish. Through completing something you started and seeing it through to the end, you make progress.

They disconnect us to reconnect us

Spending time out in the mountains really takes things back to basics. There is no wifi, no cell service, no social media – money doesn’t matter out in the woods or up on a mountain top. It’s just you and mother nature.

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